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Over centuries, parquet flooring has charmed elegant rooms and homes. Parquetry flooring dates back to the 16th century in France and over the centuries the tradition has spread all around the world, including Australia.

Zealsea Timber Flooring follows the parquet tradition of flooring and offers high-quality parquet flooring in Australia. Our parquet installing teams proudly use only the best hardwood blocks and are master designers of parquet patterns.

Apart from the aesthetic aspects, one of the main advantages of parquet flooring is the durability of the hardwood blocks. Solid European oak parquetry stays good for generations.

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What is parquet flooring?

During the 16th century, French artisans started to create floor designs by fitting small blocks of hardwood in geometric patterns. The shapes of the individual blocks of parquetry floors varied in color and size. The artisans used the word “parquet” which means “a small compartment” to describe their art.

Originally, ancient builders used parquet flooring to replace stone and marble floors and therefore the flooring had to be just as durable. Up to today, the providers of the small parquet blocks cut them from hardwood, and thus, parquetry flooring is just as durable as any hardwood flooring. European Oak parquetry, for instance, shows very few signs of normal wear and tear over the years.

The proud Zealsea parquet flooring tradition

At Zealsea we still practice the traditional way of creating parquet flooring, but we also offer a more “modern” way to install parquetry flooring.

The traditional way

By still providing hardwood as small blocks for our parquet flooring we continue with the century-old tradition of designing and installing parquetry flooring. Artisans can purchase the small blocks from us and install parquet flooring with unique patterns. Our installing teams who are, for example, responsible for parquetry flooring in Brisbane also usually use individual small blocks to create interesting floor patterns.

More modern way – Using parquet floor tiles

We also use modern technology to create easier ways to install parquetry flooring. Traditional artisans installed parquet flooring one piece at a time. More modern parquet also comes in parquet floor tiles where manufacturers bonded slats to a backing material. You then use the floor tiles to install the floor.

How do you lay parquetry flooring?

You can lay parquet flooring onto a screed or concrete floor. For good adhesion, the screed must be properly dry. You can also lay the parquet flooring on a stable sheet material.

What wood is used for parquet?

Usually, artisans use hardwood such as

· oak,

· cherry,

· walnut, or

· lime for the little blocks.

The different timber contrast in color and grain and provide possibilities for interesting patterns. Sometimes artisans use more expensive kinds of wood such as mahogany because of their beautiful colors. Oak, however, is the standard hardwood because of its durability and it is also one of the cheapest hardwood flooring options.

At Zealsea we offer a wide variety of hardwoods to choose from. If you prefer, you can also choose from the different patterns of our parquet floor tiles.

Parquetry floors provide a special aesthetic feeling to any room and also have the advantage to keep on looking elegant and “new” for years. Contact Zealsea Timber Flooring in Brisbane for more information and let our experts assist you with choosing the right woodblocks and designs.